Saturday, April 11, 2009

After several months of break because of spending time on search and study of javaFX programming language, I decided to use again regular java standard edition (Java SE). (Running back to Java SE on the above photo, taken on April 03, 2009 in Kecioren Gezi Yolu Park, Ankara, Turkey)

JavaFX is very easy to use and very flexible language. However, to run a javaFX jar file, you need to install javaFX-SDK on the computer. Java SE jar files are running on all computers which have only java runtime environment (JRE). Therefore I returned to regular java SE programming for now.

Friday, December 26, 2008

New draft screenshots

These screenshots shown below are the latest draft development of the MyDay.jar program. The first one below is the main window frame that you see when you run the MyDay.jar program.

The second screenshot is the Daily Planner window that will appear if you click on the item 1 of the main window above.

This is the link to download this development version of the MyDay.jar.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Front or title window study

This is new layout study of first window to be displayed when MyDay.jar is run. Now planning to run calendar-daily view from this frame. Also this frame will be front page of the program and can be kept on the screen allday to see the time and other relavant information in a tiny view.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New screen shot from the first drafts of MyDay.jar program.

Never thought that preparation of monthly calendar will take so much time. It is not completed yet. But to make everything from nothing is the main issue. In java, you use only Calendar cal = new GregorianCalendar(); and gets everything from it. I am sure there are other easy ways. But I am the beginner. You may download this draft version from here just to see by curiosity. If you want to see the code, please send a message to the e-mail address written on the comments, it will be sent.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Program with new Java NetBeans IDE

Happy to start a new project. Its name is MyDay. This will be a new daily planner, organizer.

I will use NetBeans IDE 6.1 as a java programming editor. NetBeans IDE is a free and a great editor distributed by to do all kinds of programming from java to C/C++, from Ruby to JavaScript. It is the product of

I have already used NetBeans IDE 4.1 to 5.5 versions. They were also very nice and easy to learn environments. My first java program, GuessNumber.jar is produced by using early versions of NetBeans. You may find it on the site;

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sorting two dimensional arrays in java

If you want to sort a data with its description, you may not use


For example; to sort the following data according to values given by Bidders in ascending order;

"Bidder 1 = 25.2"

"Bidder 2 = 12.0"

"Bidder 3 = 45.0"

"Bidder 4 = 2.0"

and to get the result as;

"Bidder 3 = 45.0"

"Bidder 1 = 25.2"

"Bidder 2 = 12.0"

"Bidder 4 = 2.0"

to do this, we should create following temporary arrays.

bos_biddername [0] = "Bidder 1"; bos_deger [0] = 25.2;

bos_biddername [1] = "Bidder 2"; bos_deger [1] = 12.0;

bos_biddername [2] = "Bidder 3"; bos_deger[2] = 45.0;

bos_biddername [3] = "Bidder 4"; bos_deger [3] = 2.0

//sort manually bos_deger[] and get

// bos_biddername[] in descending order

double temp;
String temp2;

for (int ik = 0; ik < bos_deger.length - 1; ik++ ) {
for (int j = ik + 1; j < bos_deger.length; j++) {
if( bos_deger[ik] < bos_deger[j] ) //sorting
{ temp = bos_deger[ik]; //swapping
temp2 = bos_biddername[ik];
bos_deger[ik] = bos_deger[j];
bos_deger[j] = temp;
bos_biddername[j] = temp2;
// end of sort

The result will be these sorted arrays in ascending order;

bos_biddername [0] = "Bidder 3"; bos_deger [0] = 45.0;
bos_biddername [1] = "Bidder 1"; bos_deger [1] = 25.2;
bos_biddername [2] = "Bidder 2"; bos_deger[2] = 12.0;
bos_biddername [3] = "Bidder 4"; bos_deger [3] = 2.0

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Designing a programme should look like a nice structure. This photo is taken yesterday in Ankara, Kecioren district. This is the new cable car (teleferic) building. This kind of pictures encourage me to be productive.
The camera that was used for this shot is Canon IXUS 850 IS.